We’re on a Plane! Again!

And it’s supposed to be on time! This is shocking to me and probably now that I say this we will be massively delayed. But maybe not! Regardless, something like 15 hours from now we should be back in the US, though not yet home. We did get the seats we reserved this time, which should make this flight much more pleasant than the one here.

But then, on the other hand, we are now traveling with Baroness Squirmy Von Squirmington (of the Easthampton Von Squirmingtons) so who knows?

Will try to update from Newark if there’s time!

3 Replies to “We’re on a Plane! Again!”

  1. Whoopeee!! Have a safe and comfortable trip with Miss Squirmy Pants. I hope you keep up this blog. I have loved every post and every photo. Much love to you three, your little family! Heart heart heart!! xoxoxo Po

  2. What an adventure this has been! I’ve loved reading the blogs and seeing the pics – I can’t wait to see your new family all together and in person!

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