Elon Musk is Hilariously Insecure

How insecure is he? He’s just made it against Twitter’s TOS to link to other social media sites. (Sites that seem to be exempt from this rule include Truth Social and Parler, which…man, if we could just figure out what political leanings that dude has. Ah well, the world may never know.)

ANYway, as a result, I’m taking the opportunity to create a post just to link to my other online presences, so I can post that to Twitter before the whole damn thing implodes. Ready?

First, the other social media places I’m at, in order of how much I expect to use them:

Instagram: johnnyhighground

Post: joerybicki

Spoutible: MAN do I hate this name, but it looks like it’s going to be the closest analog to Twitter and has a lot of backing and other good things going for it, so I suspect that might be where I end up mostly. I should be joerybicki there when it goes live

Hive: I loved them but are they even available anymore? I get the impression they lost a LOT of momentum having to take everything offline and it may simply be too late for them. Can’t link to a profile because they don’t have a web app (yyyyeahhh…) but I think I’m joerybicki there?

Cohost: Well, I’m there. But I don’t expect to, like, BE there much. I appreciate the mid-‘90s aesthetic but I don’t want to look at it more than I have to.

Mastodon: I hate the look of this place and I strongly suspect the design and fragmented nature of the site is going to ensure it won’t be “the” Twitter replacement. So I’m not gonna bother unless it turns out to become the undeniable heavyweight and then I’ll be as late to that party as I am to any other.

Facebook: lol, no

I think that’s it for the social stuff? I’ll add more as they become available and note any new additions. Meanwhile, two other places you can find me online:

Work Stuff: higround.net

Music Stuff: johnnyhighground.com

That is all. Good day.