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For those of you not on Facebook or Instagram (*cough* Tommy *cough*), I’ve just discovered you can view my Instagram photos here: I’ve just been posting some fun, random highlights from our trip there. Sometimes it’s just quicker than blogging, especially with the ever-present risk of losing another post to the ether.

It’s 11:45 am here now, and we’re just killing time until 1:20, when we head out to the adoption agency and, y’know, get a kid. This morning we had a spectacular breakfast in this spectacular hotel’s spectacular restaurant.

Then we went to Walmart.

The most important purchase was this stroller:


Yes, it says “Happy Dino.” Yes, it has a picture of a bunny. Why do you think we got it? This is primarily for local and airport use, just a light, cheap thing that’s easy to carry and won’t be a major loss if we lose it.

We also got some bottled water, since Chinese municipal water has explosive results in the American gastrointestinal arena. (We actually have to brush our teeth with bottled water. They breed their bugs strong over here.)

What we did not get: any of the live turtles, frogs, or eels in the seafood section. (See Instagram for proof.) Nor any chicken feet. Maybe next time.



1: Celeste on August 6, 2012 at 2:13 am

Love, love, love that stroller! This is an amazing adventure you guys are on, I am incredibly proud and jealous of you. So much love to you both (3? it might be all three by the time you see this!) So much love to your FAMILY!



2: Caroline on August 6, 2012 at 6:00 am

Loving these posts, Joe. Thanks so much for allowing us to share in this wonderful adventure with you and Kim (and that other small human which you may be meeting just about now). Can’t wait for your next post!

Love you guys.