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What’s Amusing Me Today

  • All the staunch Republicans ridiculing or otherwise attacking Obama for not implementing enough “Change” — or not implementing it quickly enough. Um, think about that one for a second. If it still doesn’t strike you as funny, ask yourself: change from what?
  • How comfortable the talking heads on Fox News seem to be with expressing hope that our new president actively hurts the country.
  • That anyone is still taking Rush Limbaugh seriously.

How about you?



1: Kim on February 18, 2009 at 9:00 am

I think what we are seeing is a group of Republicans who really bought into the McCain/Palin campaign tactics and who can’t stand that they lost. McCain/Palin spent so much time spewing horrible lies and hateful messages about Obama that they convinced their audience that Obama is a dishonest troll. Of course Republicans are pissed that Obama is in office now…their candidate said he was evil.